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Revision Flex Hockey Wheels

Revision Flex Hockey Wheels

The Revision Flex Hockey Wheels are here to revolutionize roller hockey with the ability to micro-tune your wheel setup to match your preferences. Revision created the Flex wheel with different profiles on each side of the wheel: the white side focusing on speed and control, and the colored side focusing on grip and flex.

So what does this mean? Players can now configure their wheels to focus on a specific aspect of their game with a single wheel. With different configurations, players can set up for max speed, max grip, ice like rocker, or 9 other wheel combinations.

Revision's Flex technology uses an asymmetrical interior construction with their hollow offset Torus (white) providing a stiffer and sharper edge which maximizes speed. The wheel also features the asymmetrical colored Flex Ring Insert to give the opposite side greater flex and better grip. And on the exterior, the Revision Flex uses a super tough Flex PU tire to keep the wheel long lasting and maximize its performance.